Divorce mediation

To make a fresh start it is to end your marriage on good terms. We will gladly assist you so you can find the emotional peace of mind and financial clarity you need during this tough phase of your lives.>>>

Team mediation

Good collaboration is the strenghth of every team. Using systemic intervention techniques, we reveal disruptive interaction patterns in a team that is no longer in balance. We discuss these issues and help you find solutions.>>>

Employment mediation

People who enjoy their work are more productive, efficient, and happier. Our guidance can provide a solution if this is no longer the case for you and your employee, employer, supervisor or colleague. >>>

STA mediators creates opportunities 

Sometimes you may feel as if you no longer have a grip on the situation in a conflict. It doesn’t matter whether you’re going through a divorce or are embroiled in an workplace, employment or team conflict. You want to move on but discussing the issue is often difficult and, in some cases, even seems impossible.

STA mediators can assist you, both in Dutch and English, to tackle this issue in a prompt, constructive and cost-efficient way. By analysing and clarifying your conflict, we ease tensions and re-establish communication. We thus create opportunities, enabling you to jointly reach a solution.

We both have university degrees (tax and labour law) and are certified mediators, who are registered with the MfN (the Dutch Mediators Federation), specialising in Family, Team, Workplace and Employment mediation. In addition, we are certified KIES (Child in a Divorce) mediators and have followed the training organised by the Financial Divorce Analyst Register. We have many years of experience working in business, which has enabled us to build an extensive network . You can be assured that you will receive expert assistance and support from us for each of the mediation services offered to arrive at a tailor-made solution.

The initial meeting is free. During this consultation with you we discuss the best methods of approach that we can offer and plan the next steps to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible, so that you can move forward with clarity and confidence.

STA mediators

Our name STA mediators (literally translated: STAND mediators) stands for our specializations in the first place: Scheiding (Divorce), Team (Team) and Arbeid (Workplace & Employment). Of course, our name stands for much more; we stand for mediation and for the the way we do it and we help you move forward regardless at which stage you currenty find yourself in.