Divorce mediation

To make a fresh start it is to end your marriage, civil partnership or any other forms of cohabitation on good terms. This can be quite difficult, because of the emotional and financial turmoil you are in. Suddenly you find yourself having to deal with a lot of uncertainty.

You both have many questions about all kinds of practical, legal, and financial agreements, which need to be made and laid down in the divorce agreement (agreements about the family home, maintenance payments, pensions, the distribution of assets and debts, and any companies involved) as well as the parenting plan (agreements about the care of your children). Discussions on these matters are often laborious because you are both emotional and blame each other, wich prevents open communication. STA mediators provides you with clear information about drawing up a divorce agreement and parenting plan and explains the process to be followed. We can provide answers to questions that you are struggling with. This provides a sense of calm and clarity, so that stress and worries about the future can often be largely put aside after the first conversation.

With our legal and financial knowledge we help you, as expert mediators, to ensure that the divorce process runs as carefully and smoothly as possible. We work in a structured way, so that you know where you stand and arrange the separation from start to finish. Our personal approach ensures that we have an eye for you as a person as a whole. We also consider the mutual communication and there is enough room for the emotional side of the separation.

When drawing up the divorce agreement and/or the parenting plan, we ensure that well-thought-out choices are made and careful consideration is given to everyone’s interest, including the interest of any children you may have. We also provide clarity about your financial future. Establishing and recording clear, sustainable agreements prevents problems in the future.

Everything revolves around the children
Divorce is also an emotional process for children. Often parents have no idea about their children’s feelings during a divorce. As children tend to be loyal to both their parents, they rarely express their true feelings when faced with divorce.

As parents you make agreements during divorce proceedings. These agreements also have an impact on your children’s future. They have no say in the decisions, but it is vital that they are heard and understood and feel that they have your support when it comes to their questions, wishes, needs, and concerns. As KIES (Childeren in a divorce) mediators we have chosen to always conduct a free conversation with the child or children. We have learnt from experience that the conversation really helps children process the divorce, which they are not guilty of and which they themselves often didn’t want. The KIES method is scientifically based, researched and proven to be effective.

You will be parenting together for the rest of your lives. That is why STA mediators strives to make arrangements for children that they also feel comfortable with.

Divorce and companies
If you or you both own a company, the financial side of the divorce may raise several issues. In that case, financial expertise is even more valuable in a divorce. STA mediators can also provide neutral and professional assistance for such mediations, thanks to our backgrounds as a tax lawyer and a financial divorce analyst and our extensive network of accountants, tax and financial consultants.

Other disputes

Mediation is also suitable for quickly and cost-efficiently adapting a parenting plan to a new situation, recalculating maintenance payments, but also for checking beforehand whether you really want to get divorced.

Our method

  • A free introductory meeting in the short term
  • Seperation with mutual respect and understanding
  • Financial clarity and peace of mind about your finances
  • Taking your children’s emotions into account
  • Accurate advice about all aspects that need to be arranged in the event of a divorce
  • Attention for the present and future
  • A personal but also business approach
  • Professional aftercare
  • In Dutch and English