A strong team is in balance and is characterized by mutual trust and respect. Everyone works towards the same common goal and diversity ensures creative results. A strong team excels in good cooperation and therefore achieves more than everyone individually

If this collaboration falls short, the cause is often sought in a lack of quality or insufficient competencies individual team members. To lift the team to a higher level, STA mediator works according to systems theory in which we do not look at the individual characteristics of the team members, but at the system as a whole, the mutual relationships and their effect on the functioning of the entire team. 

Using systemic intervention techniques we identify interaction patterns that prevent good collaboration. Through our analysis we reveal the causes of the disrupted system and facilitate the discussion of the problems. We create a new reality, motivating the team to work on improving the collaboration and creating a new synergy. In our working method we always look at the whole: the goal, the organisation, the people and the mutual relations. Our aim is to ensure that the common goal is clear and inspiring again, that work is organised in such a way that it is efficient and makes sense for everyone and that the underlying rules are fair and transparent. It is vital that everyone feels empowered and that sufficient mutual trust and respect is restored.

Our method

  • Free introductory meeting with the employer/ supervisor
  • We talk to everyone involved in the conflict
  • We pay attention to mutual dynamics
  • We organise individual and team sessions
  • We employ two mediators for teams of 5 or more members
  • We offer specific tools to restore disturbed employment relationships yourself in the future
  • Professional aftercare
  • In Dutch and English