We find mediation the best way to resolve a conflict. As impartial mediators we support both parties. We are there for both of you, in equal measure. In business jargon this is also called multidirectional partiality. To understand both points of view, it is vital that we gain an insight into the feelings and ‘story’ of each party individualy. Involved with one, but also with the other, without taking a side.
As participants you determine the content yourselves and you ultimately choose which solution is the right one for your problem. All this on a voluntary and confidential basis. In our joint discussions we cover the emotional, practical, legal, financial, and tax aspects of your situation. Through these open and frank discussions understanding for eachother grows, which helps pave the way for a solution that is satisfactory for both sides.

Mediation offers a tailor-made solution, taking into account your specific situation. Moreover, a mediationprocedure is usually considerabaly less expensive than a legal procedure, for which requires a long time and in which you have no influence on the outcome.

If you are interested, please feel free to contact us for an introductory meeting.

Divorce mediation

To make a fresh start it is to end your marriage on good terms. We will gladly assist you so you can find the emotional peace of mind and financial clarity you need during this tough phase of your lives.>>>

Team mediation

Good collaboration is the strenghth of every team. Using systemic intervention techniques, we reveal disruptive interaction patterns in a team that is no longer in balance. We discuss these issues and help you find solutions.>>>

Employment mediation

People who enjoy their work are more productive, efficient, and happier. Our guidance can provide a solution if this is no longer the case for you and your employee, employer, supervisor or colleague. >>>