STA mediators attaches great importance to clarity about the cost of a mediation process, so that you know what to expect. In principle, the costs are shared by all parties involved, but a different distribution is also possible. In employment conflicts it is customary for the employer to bear the cost of mediation. We also offer an all-in rate for divorce mediation.

During the free intake interview we will discuss with you which of the options below suits your situation.

Hourly rate
We usually work with an hourly rate amounting to €150 excluding VAT, which is €181.50 including VAT (rate 2020). We strive to complete the mediation process as soon as possible and with that for a rapid resolution of the conflict.

Monthly we send a specified invoice in which all hours are accounted for.

All-in rate
We also offer an all-in rate for divorce mediation. The amount of this rate is custom-made and depends on the complexity of your situation. During the intake interview we give you an indication of the time we expect to invest in your case. Based on this we will discuss with you whether an all-in rate would work and set the rate.

Costs of legal proceedings in case of a divorce
The costs for the hearing of your case by the judge (court registry fees) and the costs for submitting your joint petition to the court is not included in our all-in rate or hourly rate. These costs will be billed separately.

Legal aid insurance or subsidised mediation
If you took out legal aid insurance, you can check with your insurer whether mediation is reimbursed.

If you are eligible for subsidised mediation, the government may grant a government subsidy (toevoeging). This depends on your income and assets. In that case, you must pay a one-off own contribution of €55 to €109 euros, based on 8 hours of mediation (rate 2020). To be eligible for the mediation allowance, you must request a government subsidy (toevoeging). STA mediators supports you in this.

On the website of the Council for Legal Aid you can check whether you are eligible for subsidised legal aid.


If you are eligible for a special assistance grant, your own contribution and court costs will also be reimbursed. If you want tTo know whether you are eligible for this, please check the website of the municipality where you live.

  • Hourly rate €150, excluding VAT (€181.50 including VAT).
  • All-in rate possible
  • Enquire about the possibilities for legal assistance insurance, subsidised legal aid and/or special assistance grant
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